Meet the Harmless team….

Over the upcoming weeks, we are asking members of the Harmless team to post a personal contribution to our blog. ‘Meet the Harmless team’ will invite our staff to discuss a variety of topics including what it is like working for our organisation. First up is our Office Administrator, Hayley Green.

As well as working for Harmless, Hayley is also a spoken word artist. She is a member of Nottingham based poetry collective the Mouthy Poets and has performed across the East Midlands and beyond.

A lot of her poetry involves the subject of self harm as poetry was a big part of her personal recovery. Not only does she write and perform spoken word on a big scale but she also delivers workshops in schools across Nottingham.

She says: “I am huge believer that spoken word and poetry can boost a young person’s self confidence and have personally felt the difference writing can make to the healing process. I struggled with self harm for a long time but poetry gave me a means of expressing my emotions in a healthy way. I want to use my talent to share my experience with others and help provide hope that life can get better. Working with Harmless has given me the means and provided me with the inspiration to take my poetry further and offer support to others who self harm. I want to fight stigma by talking about my experiences and spreading the work that Harmless do across creative platforms.”

Hayley is currently putting together a project to work with young people who self harm, using creative writing and spoken word as therapy, she has also started work on a spoken word theatre piece that will focus on her own story and recovery.

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