National Kindness Day

National Kindness Day is this week so I wanted to take the opportunity to ask everyone who reads this blog to do a random act of kindness.

It doesn’t matter how big or how small, and you don’t even need to say it was you. Just a simple act of kindness. An act of compassion, one human to another.

For someone who may be struggling, a simple act could make the world of difference. It could be the reason that person made it through the day. A little bit of compassion can go so far. You can literally save a life by being kind.

Mental health doesn’t discriminate; anyone can be affected. Any age, any gender, any religion or background. Rich or poor. It doesn’t matter. Each and every one of us have mental health, its equal to physical health and needs to be looked after just the same. You wouldn’t hesitate when putting a plaster on a graze because you can see it, or taking a day off work because you have the flu….and our mental health shouldn’t be any different. 

Just because we can’t ‘see’ someone who is struggling doesn’t mean to say they aren’t. A small, perhaps random act of kindness will take only seconds of your day and may seem so small but to someone who is struggling; it could literally be what helped them through the day/week. It could be what helped them survive.

In the UK in 2016 6,188 people died by suicide, making it the second leading cause of death. That’s 6,188 more deaths than there should have been and exactly why of a day such as todays we need to remind each other to be kind. Kindness doesn’t cost a thing.

1 in 4 of us will struggle with our mental health at some point in our life….but if we think about the wider impact this has on our friends/family, then most of society will be affected in some way. So with that in mind why don’t as a society we all stick together and support each other.  We truly never know the impact our words and actions can have on another person so just being kind to everyone our paths cross is so important.

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Hold the door for the person behind you
  2. Compliment a stranger
  3. Leave a note with kind words in public for someone to find
  4. Buy someone a coffee
  5. Donate old clothes to charity
  6. Thank the people who have made a difference in your life (they might not even know!!)
  7. Let people know you appreciate them
  8. Give someone a lift home
  9. Leave a kind note in a library or borrowed book
  10. Donate used linen or blankets to animal shelters
  11. Take out your neighbours rubbish bin
  12. Donate used books to a library
  13. Make a small random donation to a not for profit organisation local to you

Whatever you do we hope you enjoy it. Kindness doesn’t cost a thing so let’s come together and sprinkle it everywhere.


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