National Self HarmAwareness Day

Today is national self harm awareness day; this is a day where organisations like ours really try and focus their attention and efforts on improving understanding of self harm. It is a day where individuals who have personal experience of self harm often speak out to try and change things.

Historically, self harm has been vastly misunderstood; there’s been strong myths that self harm is ‘attention seeking’ or ‘a cry for help’; something that only effects young people or women; something confused with suicide.

Self harm is a far more serious issue than we can reduce into these simplicities. It can effect anyone and is thought to effect up to a third of people at some time in their life.

It is not constrained by gender, or any other demographic but spans all people from all walks of life, with those who are young or old, male or female. At Harmless, our motto is ‘self harm does not discriminate: neither do we’.

Let’s work together today and this next week to improve communication about self harm. We will be posting advice tips across the week that will hopefully improve understanding and confidence.

THANKYOU for your continued support!

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