Nature for the soul

I was brought up in the hills of Northumberland and spent my days as a child climbing trees, running and cycling across fields and fells. I need vast green spaces; to see them and be in them.  I run four times a week along our country lanes and hill trails whatever the weather sometimes with my husband. I always, without fail, feel a deep sense of joy at the end of a run.

My Grandparents lived in Cumbria and as a child my grandfather would time me to see how quickly I could climb a mountain. He’d take me badger spotting after dark and bird watching in remote spots. He took me camping and I still love it.

I learned that nature is a rich and bountiful resource which each and every human has a right to access. I learned that nature can soothe the soul and put any worry into perspective. A long walk with gates and stiles and steep inclines teaches our brains how to endure the obstacles and trials of life. It teaches us that like life, the journey is full of wonder and pain but that’s the beauty of it.

I’ve passed my passion onto my children and usually we rush out at the weekend to seek out the quiet hills, the vast views where the sky and land become one. They dance, giggle and run as soon as they get out of the car. This makes me happier than anything else in the world.

I live near a few pretty country walks but there are pylons a plenty and people around. I’m beginning to struggle with the COVID-19 lock down.

My heart aches for a gasp inducing sight of the hills. But until then we’ll make the most of our pretty local fields, woods and streams.


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