New years eve is an interesting time of year…

New Years Eve is an interesting time of year…

New Years Eve is an interesting time of year. For some it is the opportunity to see in a new year, with hope and positivity; looking towards the future and all the plans that might unfold for the twelve months ahead. For others it is just a day to be with family and friends and to raise a glass together, enjoy good company and countdown to midnight as merely a passing of time where tomorrow we have to remember that we are in a new year.

For some, the turning of the New Year is a difficult and painful time. Where some look to the future with hope, others find the New Year a time to reflect on how unhappy they have been in the past year or beyond. Hopelessness may seep into their world and they may feel as though nothing is ever going to change. Many people that Harmless and The Tomorrow Project have worked with, describe the New Year period as a time to reflect and for those that have had a really tough time, that period of reflection may lead them down a dark path. There is nothing worse than looking to the future and feeling as though there is no point anymore.

Hopelessness can be crippling. It can make even the strongest person feel depressed and alone, but worse than that, it can truly make you question whether life is worth living. It is. It can get better. But at the times when hopelessness is rife it is important to look after ourselves and the ones that we love who might be feeling this way.

New Year is typically one of those times. We encourage each and every one of you to keep an eye on those friends who seem a little distant, who may be isolated or seem withdrawn or unhappy. Although many of us find ways of protecting others from our feelings when we are feeling low, it is so important to share the burden of struggle, if there is one.

This New Year, let’s each vow to look out for the ones that we love and try to make 2019 a safe and happy year. If you are someone that is struggling right now and you can identify with any of these words, reach out. Tell someone how you are feeling. Seek support. Next year might just be a turning point with the right help.

Try not to drink too much, stay with or close to people you know well and trust and try not to isolate yourself and let’s help you take the safe first steps into the New Year.

If you are in crisis and need some support right now please call the Samaritans on 116 123 or contact emergency services on 999.

If you would like support from ourselves, we welcome you to email us and we will get in touch in the New Year –

The Harmless and TP team x

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