One last push to get Leanne into the air (and hitting her target)!

Our intern, Leanne, is raising money for Harmless by taking part in a sponsored sky dive.

 “I’m Leanne Moulton I have recently started my internship at Harmless . After working closely with the harmless team I’ve gained a true understanding of the importance of the work they do and how critical the services they provide, because of this I would love to help in any way I can so have decided to conquer my fear of flying and do a sponsored sky dive!

The sky dive will be on Sunday the 2nd April 2017, all money raised will go straight to Harmless to help them reach their 30K in 90 day target to continue their lifesaving support! All donations no matter how small are incredibly appreciated.”

Support her now by sponsoring her through her gofundme  page, Leanne’s Sky Dive for Harmless, or click here.

We look forward to sharing the amount raised and a video clip of how well she coped.

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