One of our clients has written a poem about Harmless, and they would like to share it with you…

I’ve been going to a place,

Based right here in Notts,

Recommended by my CPN,

And it’s helped me lots and lots.

You don’t need a referral,

Just go along and see,

To the regular drop ins,

That’s what worked for me.


Just look at the website,

It says the usual stuff,

But also gives you the support you need,

If you’re finding things quite tough.

It’s for people just like me,

Who use self harm to cope,

It offers advice for your loved ones too,

It’s about recovery and hope.


You’ll get a chance to air your views,

To sit and say what goes,

Because the staff listen well,

And know it’s you that knows.

But what you’ll find you’ll also get,

Is the good advice you need,

Techniques to try, strategies to help you,

Get back up to speed.


It’s the sort of place you need,

To help you feel strong,

It helps to know you’re not alone,

And that somehow you belong.

But it offers you a future,

And gives you a little bit more,

It makes you take a little glimpse,

Of what you were like before.


Don’t get me wrong, I know

It could be a long and winding haul,

But put your foot onto the path,

It helps to start quite small.

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