Partnership working in self harm

Today members of the Harmless team had two very important and interesting meetings with partner organisations to explore furthering our work in the field of self harm and suicide prevention.

Nottingham County FC are exploring how we can collaborate on a joint emotional health project to improve the well being of young people in the city. We believe that a shared approach, combining emotional health and physical activity could prove an important endeavour in reducing self harm and suicide and reach young people in an accessible manner.

Further to that meeting, the team presented to Mike Cooke, Chief Executive and Simon Smith, Director of local services at Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust about The Tomorrow Project. They were both interested to hear about the successful approach that has been implemented to reduce suicide and self harm across Nottingham City and County. We will be looking to the future about furthering and improving our long relationship with the healthcare trust for the improved care and safety of the people of all ages that we help, who self harm and/or are at risk of suicide.

All in all it has been a great day for the potential of partnership working and the future of Harmless and The Tomorrow Project.

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