Personal reflections from our CEO, Caroline

I’ve never been so busy. Ever.

Physically busy. Mentally busy.

Problem solving issues for Harmless and The Tomorrow Project… finding a way to keep vulnerable people in service and reach out to those hitting crisis in new and innovative ways.

To consider how we keep supporting people bereaved by suicide who, in the worst times of their life may not get answers for a really long time due to court changes, or who may not be able to hold a funeral the way they want to.

My heart breaks.

Today we set up a food bank. After literally working every waking minute to help our team navigate these waters and work with our NHS and Public Health colleagues to sustain the vital health infrastructure that literally keeps people alive – we then set up a new endeavour within the wonderful East Leake community.

As ever, if you create an opportunity for people to show up and do good, they do.

I’m now in discussions to work with some amazing yoga tutors to host remote and live yoga sessions to help the people we work with, manage the excessive pressure this is already putting on their lives.

It’s Saturday night. We, as a family have worked today with our beautiful son in his high vis vest directing food donations.

We’re trying to hold steadfast for everyone we help and for our very anxious little people. If, in this time of crisis the people we help and our children know that:

1. Their parents and our service have got them and they’re safe in that support

2. What we can each do for others is an essential value to share and is both vital and present at this time

3. That they can breathe and at some points laugh and feel joy and sleep at night

Then we’ve done well.

If all else fails, put on a swimming hat and have a dance like Iris. #belikeiris

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