Save our service from closure

To all of the people we have ever helped, or who have ever believed in our work- we need you.

For the last year we have struggled to find the services that we offer. Our work is held in such high esteem and anyone who’s needed us, knows we save lives. But the funding crisis in the U.K. means it’s become increasingly difficult to survive.

At present, we need to raise 30k to keep our Suicide crisis and bereavement services open.

I know this seems like big money, but it’s made up of small, affordable and generous donations.

Every support session we deliver costs £25 a time, so if you believe in us at all, could you spare that, or a portion of that?

At the minute, every little really does help.

We HATE turning to our community and asking for help, but if we don’t ask you, we may not survive.

Can you help?

Will you share this?

Can you give up the price of a coffee, or a trip out to save someone’s life? Or hold an event, or a sponsored something… anything…

Thank you for reading this. We promise we will keep trying our very best to be there when you need us.

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