Self compassion: How to improve your relationships with yourself

Like many people I aspire to be more compassionate, treating others as I wish to be treated myself.  This got me thinking about how often I extend compassion towards myself, I questioned whether or not I am kinder to others than I am myself. I can recognise that at times it can be difficult to be nice to myself, to have compassion for myself when I’m going through a really hard time.

Self compassion offers me an alternative to feeling that I need to be perfect, at times I can tend to inflate my own ego and put others down to make myself feel good in comparison. Instead what I could be doing is to acknowledge my own weaknesses which can help me grow as a person.

Rather than continually judging and evaluating myself, self compassion involves generating kindness towards others. Self compassion involved treating myself kindly, as I would a close friend or loved one. I have found it helps to imagine what it could be like to receive the same caring attention from myself when I need it most. Try it and see!

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