Self Harm and Eating Disorders Conference

Caroline Harroe, the director of Harmless, was delighted to be approached and asked to speak at today’s Self harm and eating disorders conference which is taking place at the Hilton hotel in Glasgow. This is an important opportunity for Harmless to be able to share our valuable knowledge and also shows that we are being recognised as experts in our field.

Caroline will be delivering a session on Practical Strategies and Interventions for Supporting Adolescents who Self Harm, she will also  provide an opportunity after her session for discussions and questions in which other experts will be able to find out more about the vital work we do at Harmless. This conference has been aimed at professionals working in education, social work, local authorities, health care organisations, charity and voluntary organisations, and other professionals who need or want a better understanding of this area.

The conference organisers state that;

“ The problem of self harm in children and young people is a lot more common than people think.According to researchers, 1 in 15 people self harm, while over 1.6 million people in the UK areaffected by eating disorders, the majority between 12–20 years old. The presence of an eating disorder in the teenage years has also been linked to an alarming rate of additional self harm tactics.For many professionals working with teenagers who are experiencing these problems it can beoverwhelming and difficult to know how best to react and help.”

The conference has been arranged by Dr Pooky Knightsmith, a mental health consultant, author and trainer in order to help educate professionals on how best to react and help someone who is experiencing these problems.

Alongside Caroline, other professionals delivering sessions will include Professor Rory O’Connor, Professor of Health Psychology from the University of Glasgow, who will be doing a session entitled “Understanding Self-harm and Suicide Risk” and Dr Alex Yellowlees, Medical Director and Consultant Psychiatrist, Priory Clinics, who will be discussing “Eating Disorders – What Are They?”.


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