Self harm in the news

Harmless try to engage in a high level of education about self harm, suicide and suicide prevention. We pride ourselves on giving people with personal experience a voice, but we also exert extreme care in the way that we do things.

You won’t see Harmless contribute to tabloid stories about self harm, despite the coverage that this would give us, not will we compromise on our ethics in the way we contribute to the media.

Recently, with self harm awareness day approaching, there are many stories emerging in the press; stories about self harm that are often graphic, or that describe specific acts of self harm that might be leading or traumatic for a vulnerable reader.

The people who tell their stories, often do so because they want to help, or for the public to sympathise with their story, but unfortunately these stories, unless they follow the strict media guidance, can often cause damage to the innocent reader.

We hope that you will understand our position on media and the way that we do things at harmless. We do not want to sensationalise self harm, or suicide; we do not want to cause harm by ignoring the vulnerability of our readers. Instead we take considerable care in the stories that we tell about self harm, the message of hope that we want to uphold and the integrity in the manner that we do things.

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