Service user writes about their difficult journey, hope and a bright future

As you may have seen, we have recently asked service users to write a blog about their experience of self harm and accessing support at Harmless. Today’s blog echoes our ethos of hope; that although the journey may be difficult, with the right help and support life can get better.

‘Where do you start when your asked to write a blog on such a serious and sensitive topic? Especially when it’s to inform the many people affected by self harm, ¬†how you were affected by a serious issue that can happen to anyone! I suppose a good way to start would be the effect that self harm had on me.

I thought I was alone. I thought I was different. I thought everything was my fault. I thought self harm was the only option and no body at all could help me change that. I thought wrong.

Of course it wasn’t easy but the things worth doing never are, but this was my first step to recovery and the beginning of a new chapter of my life.

I thought I’d give Harmless a go. After all if I didn’t like it I didn’t have to go again. The first week was scary, the tension was building up as the day got closer but that’s completely normal, just like trying anything you haven’t done before.

I met Adrienne, she seemed nice so I went again. I found the first few weeks a bit scary but as time went on I got more comfortable. One week had turned in to two weeks, two into three and eventually three into a year and a half.

I was terrified teenager, struggling to cope with every day occurrences and self harming to get through each day. Thanks to Harmless I am me again. The past is a learning curve for me and the people I love and although I can’t predict the future I’m pretty sure it will be a bright, but that’s thanks to harmless for helping me secure one. Without them I would still be surrounded by all the negative thoughts that are now behind me. All you have to remember is everybody deserves happiness, including you. Now when the going gets tough I know where to go.’

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