Shout out of thanks and appeal for support.

This is a shout out for support.

I’m Caroline. The CEO of Harmless and The Tomorrow Project.

We’ve fought exceptionally hard this week to keep the service open against the odds.

We could have accepted we needed to close, but the people we help need us. People come to us when they are desperate, so we’re staying open.

We don’t get sick pay so my team wouldn’t be paid to be at home even if that were an option, which it isn’t.

My team are the kindest and most wonderful people, with families and homes and value who are worried and unsettled at this time too.

So we’re open. But we’re tired.

Our salaries are very low for what we do, but we’re lucky enough to still be in jobs.

We’re respected in our field and trusted to still be there for people even when times are hard.

But please, if you can grab an extra jar of coffee, or packet of biscuits, or have an old iPhone that you can donate, then please do.

We haven’t time to trawl the shops for basic supplies, we’re working long hours to problem solve the current climate.

We’re not classed as an ‘emergency service’ so don’t get complimentary anything.

We don’t have laptops that would allow us to work from home, we really are doing a lot on very little.

We’re helping to keep the system afloat but we really could do with some moral support.

Anything you can do, please shout up.

Thank you from a very tired but determined CEO who’s also exceptionally proud of the people who support me in doing my job. They’re often not the ones who are visible, but without them, right now, I wouldn’t be able to say

“If you need us, we’re here”

But I can!

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