Some people say the kitchen is the heart of the home…

Not for our family!

The Harroe family (myself, my wife and our five little people) live in a house that costs us every penny we have, to own.

But we chose this place as our home because we have little people who are home educated and who we believe, need their physical environment to be right for the way we live.

Our home is not large, but our garden is. We have a third of an acre of Adventureland. Of nooks to hide in and secret pathways and a tree house.

Right in the middle of our garden is our old and glorious apple tree, complete with two hammocks, three hanging pods, two swings, a rope and a trapeze, I kid you not.

This tree is the heart of our family. We share hours hanging in the shade of this wonderful trees boughs.

It’s beautiful at this time of year, blossom and new growth, and we chat and laugh and the kids climb and swing.

Behind our garden we have a secret path, that reminds us all of Narnia, that leads us into woodland behind.

The proximity to the woodland, the bare footed space for our children to be free and climb and laugh and play, and our strong apple tree standing firmly in the centre (the biggest reason we fell in love with our home in the first place) makes this our forever home. Not for the indoor space, but for the outdoor space.

We are growing potatoes, strawberries, blueberries, carrots, cucumber, courgette, blackberries, rhubarb and raspberries this year – as well as the apples.

Our garden is essential for our well-being. For our connections as a family and for me, for my mental health. My hammock, in my apple tree, is the one serene place that I feel safe- disconnected from the rest of the world it feels a million miles from stress.

Our outdoors is our everything. HERE is a really rubbish video tour.

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