Sophie Allen speaks to the BBC in light of the recent NPSCC article about the worrying rise in self harm admissions to hospital

You may have seen or heard on the news last Friday, an article from NSPCC about how the rate of hospital admissions for self harm is frighteningly high, with an estimated 19,000 children being admitted to hospital for self harm, which saw an increase of 14% over a 3 year period.

The NSPCC’s figures, collected from all but six NHS Trusts in England and health boards in Wales, reveal that 18,788 under-18s were admitted to hospital or treated at accident and emergency units for self-harm in 2015-16.

This compares with 16,416 admissions for self-harm in 2013-14

As a result of this article coming out, Harmless were contacted by various media sources, wanting to gather more information, or speak to individuals with lived experience or self harm, in order to provide some valuable insight into the causes of self harm, why people adopt this behaviour and also, most importantly, what can be done to support individuals in distress.

My first interview was with BBC Radio 5 live Breakfast Show, very early on Friday morning, speaking to Nicky Campbell and then I appeared on the drive time show later on in the day too, with Verity Cowley. Within this, I talked about my lived experience of self harm, but also my journey of recovery. It is important to provide hope to others. I shared many things, such as what led me to self harm, how it made me feel, but also, more generally the challenges that we, as a service, come across day in day out. I discussed the importance of having these conversations in order to breakdown the taboo around self harm. I also stated the importance of trying to understand self harm and what needs to happen to drive change.

If you want to listen to my piece on the Breakfast show or the drive time show, they can be heard on the links provided, and

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