Sorrow over the death of Amber Peat.

All of us at The Tomorrow Project would like to extend our sorrow and support to anyone effected by the recent death of Amber Peat.

We had hoped when she went missing that we would hear better news but tonight there has been the announcement of her suicide.

We can only begin to appreciate the complete devastation that the family are experiencing right now and understand fully the breadth of the impact of this news upon people directly related to Amber and more broadly, upon the community and anyone else who has a relationship to suicide.

The community impacted by this tragedy are local to our service and we are here should anyone need our support, for anyone who has been directly or indirectly effected by this sad news.

Suicide is a devastating experience. It touches people’s lives unlike any other, effecting families and communities.

Please seek support if you need it. We are here.

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