Stay humble, folks! What it takes to work for Harmless

People often ask us what it is that we are looking for within our staff team. Obviously we recruit for a high calibre of individuals who demonstrate a range of high skills and qualifications in the particular field. But is that all that interests us at Harmless?

The answer is quite simply, no!

Harmless isn’t your average workplace. It was established by people who have lived experience of mental distress and whilst we are very clearly not a peer support organisation but we are is an organisation that looks for human qualities in the staff team that we employ.

After years and years of recruiting processes it is easy to see the candidates that stand out from the rest and this is not because they tell us how proficient they will be at their roles or that they have tens of years of clinical experience working with a specific group of people.

No, it is in how they reveal their personalities to us when we meet them. It is in the appropriateness of the stories they tell us and it is in the human qualities that we are looking for.

You cannot do work in this area unless you have compassion and compassion in bucketloads. There is more to it than that because our team must be strong, they must be innovative, and above all else they must be humble.

We do not recruit individuals. We recruit team members and so each person we meet is configured into how the team already exists and what the team needs to be next.

If we do not have teams we do not have anything – stay humble, folks!

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