Suicide and cyber-bullying – more needs to be done

Many of you will be aware of the recent tragic news of a young girl who took her own life following months of abuse on a social networking site. Harmless and The Tomorrow Project work tirelessly trying to save lives as a self harm and suicide prevention project and are sadden to hear that cyber-bullying has once again had such disastrous  consequences.

Caroline, Co-founder of Harmless and The Tomorrow Project said,’ Suicide is the second biggest killer of young people in this country. If we are aware that something is contributing to deaths, what is it about this being a sociocultural contributor that makes us take less action against this? If there were a biological precursor, we would do our best to eradicate this. We need to take responsibility for creations of our society whether that is education or take action to close sites where adequate moderation is not provided.’

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