Suicide prevention services join the community to raise awareness.

Yesterday, The Tomorrow Project team and families took part in the East Leake village carnival. 
The Tomorrow Project was started at the end of 2012 in response to a high rate of suicide in and around the East Leake area. Whilst suicide is a difficult subject for us to engage with, it is vital that we do in order to protect our communities from any more loss.
Two months ago, a community member stopped one of our Directors and asked them whether The Tomorrow Project was still running in the area. This made us realise that whilst WE know that we are doing amazing work for the people that we are helping, that we need to find a way of letting the broader community know who we are and that we are here for them.
So… Going back to our roots, we held a fundraising and awareness stall and entered as a walking float in the parade. The theme of this year’s carnival was fashion or National dress, but in a bid to be noticed (so that as many people as possible know who we are) and to have a little fun along the way, we dressed as ‘The Flintstones and Prehistoric Fashion’.

Staff, their children and families gave their time to come along and support the day, and to let people know that we’re here to help!
Lo and behold, we only went and won ‘most innovate float’ and our CEO won ‘best dressed female’ dressed as Wilma Flintstone! 

So, whilst we deal with some of the darkest issues of society, we showed yesterday that we can come together as a community and bring suicide out of the shadows; that we are a service that is run by real, caring, wonderful people for the good of the community and that we will continue to do great work to help save more lives.

Thank you to everyone who came along to support us, to the wonderful staff for showing their love of the work that we do and to the community that we support!

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