Would you like to feature in a forthcoming series of short films about mental health conditions?

Have you experienced depression or anxiety, psychosis or bipolar disorder; self harmed or attempted suicide?

Are you a carer of someone who has experienced the above?

Would you like your voice to be heard? Can you inspire others with your experiences?

The films will encourage a range of people from different backgrounds to speak about different mental health conditions and will be used to challenge stigma and discrimination as well as help professionals to understand the issues faced by people with mental health problems.

Please get in touch if you’d like to be involved at caroline@harmless.org.uk

Workshops to challenge stigma about mental health, self harm and the impact of suicide delivered in Nottingham schools

Over the last 2 weeks, staff from the Tomorrow Project have delivered emotional health and well being workshops to 150 Year 9 students at a Nottingham school. The workshops have focused on challenging stigma about mental health problems, self harm and the impact of suicide and how to stay emotionally healthy and support others to do the same. The feedback from the sessions has been consistently positive, with students engaging fully in all of the activities.  Alongside this, staff sessions have also been undertaken concentrating on working with young people who self harm and hopefully building confidence in this vital area of student support. These packages have been designed as part of the Tomorrow Project’s city work as a way to start the conversation about suicide prevention and promoting emotional resilience.

More of this essential work will be rolled out next year