Focus group: Self Harm and Eating Disorders, 27th & 28th October 2017

Have you struggled with eating and/or self-harm?  Would you like to be involved in shaping the future of research on the relationship between these important issues?

We are looking for people aged 18-25 years with lived experience of either or both of these issues to join a discussion about  a future research project.  We are holding two PPI (Public Patient Involvement) focus groups as part of the Café Connect project next week at Nottingham Contemporary.  Each group will involve 8-12 participants and last for an hour (scheduled from 4-5pm).  It will be held in a quiet private space and the groups will be facilitated by Caroline Harroe, Director of Harmless (an award winning user-led support service) and Ellen Townsend, Director: Self-Harm Research Group from the School of Psychology at the University of Nottingham.

We can offer £15 Lovetoshop vouchers as a thank-you for your time and cover travel expenses (£10).  There will be an opportunity to work closely with us to develop the research over future Café Connect events in Feb, May, June and July 2017. (This is optional – we understand that not everyone will want to do this but we hope that some people will.)

Places are limited so please email Ellen ( if you would like to be involved.

Another tragic suicide after girl visits self harm and eating disorder sites

Harmless is backing the call for more responsible legislation to govern material on websites about self harm. Following another tragic suicide of a 15 year old girl, harmless joins organisations like the Samaritans and Beat in it’s plea for websites promoting or glamorising eating disorders, self harm and suicide to be controlled.

Let us know your thoughts, and read the tragic article highlighting the desperate need for this move here: