An Evening of Celebration

To mark the 7th birthday of Harmless and a successful 2nd year of the Tomorrow Project, we’ll be holding our annual celebration event on 10th October 2014

Harmless is a community project that helps young people and adults who are in distress and self harm, and those at risk of suicide. Over the past year Harmless has gone from strength to strength. We’ve increased our partnerships and been involved in more research based projects, attended and presented at conferences all over the UK and extended our training programme to raise awareness of self harm and suicide amongst the community and professionals.

Harmless currently receive no statutory funding and despite the clear need for our services we are struggling to meet the demand upon us.

In line with the Suicide Prevention Strategy (2011) The Tomorrow Project have implemented a city and county wide roll out to promote early intervention with those that do, or are at risk of self harming or suicide.

The Tomorrow Project deliver and are involved in varied contact with the community, this includes attending fundraising events, manning stalls, holding workshops and conducting meetings with representatives of the community. We contact those directly and indirectly affected by suicide, provide facilitative support to individuals and organisations with questions and concerns about suicide, deliver workshop style information sessions to improve understanding and awareness of suicide and self harm, and promote help seeking in the community as a whole.

In the past year The Tomorrow Project has been commissioned by Nottingham City CCG to deliver suicide prevention work in educational establishments and to those at risk within Nottingham City.

As with Harmless, the Tomorrow project has no statutory funding and our commissioned work in Nottingham City has limited funding, ending next year.
The celebration evening will mark a milestone in our work and give us the opportunity to raise revenue to keep our vital services afloat. Last year we raised over

If you would like more information about the event, or are interested in attending, please email