On World Suicide Prevention day we answer: what does it feel like to be suicidal?

What does it feel like to be suicidal?

Have you ever felt as though you are completely lost? Like you’re alone in this world, completely alone, and no matter how much you ache for another human being to wrap their arms around you and make you feel safe again- it feels as though there’s no one in the world that could do that for you. Despite having people who you love, there’s something that stops you picking up the phone- you might not want to bother them, or worry them… You might just not have the words or courage to start a conversation.

Or maybe something has just happened in your world and the grief is intolerable- it’s blinding you. You see no way forwards; no answers… No solutions. Just more problems. More intolerable pain.

People become suicidal for all different reasons and in all circumstances.

For some a single devastating event can be enough to tip someone into a dark enough place where suicide seems like a viable option. For others, a cumulative effect of many experiences, or depression may be the reason that hope becomes a lost state and without hope, we can each get terribly lost in our own darkness.

Hope is vital. It keeps us alive. It helps us to face tomorrow, overcome our problems, identify help and ask for it. Hope means believing that things can get better.

Being without hope means that in spite of loving relationships or professional success, regardless of how other people see us or our futures, we see no point in going forwards.

And whilst we at Harmless and The Tomorrow Projecy fully understand these feelings- we also know that no matter how bad things are or feel, they can get better. We also don’t expect people who are feeling that bleak to be able to believe us- instead we do the work that we do in spite of that.

Finding words to describe such a dark place can feel close to impossible; even if you can, finding the courage to say them out loud makes speaking out such a difficult thing to do.

But try.


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Suicide is everyone’s business: make your pledge to do your bit to help at #ImListening

Suicide is everyone’s business: make your pledge to do your bit to help at #Imlistening

Harmless (www.harmless.org.uk) and it’s Tomorrow Project, a self harm and suicide prevention service based in Nottingham, are calling upon everyone, not just professionals, to take responsibility for suicide prevention.

Every year suicide claims over 6000 deaths and is the second biggest killer of young people in the UK. With the recent high profile suicide of actor Robin Williams the world is united in a well overdue discussion about suicide but is just saying ‘that’s so sad’ really a good enough response?

Suicide isn’t someone else’s problem; it’s something that can touch us all. It isn’t just something that effects other people – if a comic genius of our time can lose his battle against the relentless hopelessness that comes with depression, isn’t it time we have an open discussion about our own vulnerabilities and how we can help the battle against suicide?

In those dark times, the simplest of things can make the difference. The difference between life and death can sometimes be as simple as the offering of help from a stranger, a point made salient by Rethink’s Johnny Benjamin, or a friend being on the end of the phone when we need it the most.

Often people who are suicidal feel at their most alone at the time that they make the decision to end their lives. People need people. We each need to be heard and to be comforted; to have someone listen to us without judgment. Having that can make all the difference. It may not fix problems, mend broken hearts or heal depression, nor will it replace the potential need for professional support but it can be enough to get through that moment; from the night and into another tomorrow.

Harmless.org.uk is launching a campaign to unite people in action against suicide. We encourage everyone to do their bit for suicide prevention and believe that if everyone is prepared to listen to someone in need of help, together we can save lives. Harmless and its Tomorrow Project are appealing to everyone to make a pledge to those they know and love, by simply telling them that they’ll listen and care.

So please, share the hashtag #ImListening and if you can, also do the following;

1. Share the #ImListening graphic – you could set the logo as your profile picture and share on social networking sites.

2. Make your pledge by copying the statement: #ImListening, are you?

3. Make a £1 donation to suicide prevention services at: www.harmless.org.uk/store.

Harmless and its Tomorrow Project hope that by getting people to listen, they can help save the life of a loved one. Suicide is final, there is no going back. Suicide leaves behind devastation and affects not only friends and family but wider communities.

More information about this campaign can be found at www.harmless.org.uk or by visiting our social media pages on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

We’re listening, are you?

For information on how to help and what to look out for, go to: For advice on where to get help and how to respond to someone who you think is suicidal, go to http://www.harmless.org.uk/blog/robin-williams-and-the-tragic-sadness-of-suicide-how-you-can-help.html http://www.harmless.org.uk/blog/what-helps-people-stay-alive-the-work-of-harmless.html http://www.harmless.org.uk/blog/the-risk-of-suicide-or-serious-self-harm.html