A Mother’s Love

The moment your bundle’s presented
There are feelings unique and brand new,
You feel an overwhelming surge of love –
Unconditional?  You find is quite true. 

You forgive those broken nights of sleep
And forget all those four hourly feeds.
Your life seems to do a massive ‘shift’
As you tend to your little ones needs.

Your new life slowly adapts and develops,
You grow with pride at each passing phase,
You marvel at his many achievements
And coo at his endearing cute ways.

You can’t imagine life before he arrived
Or describe the joy he’s helped to create.
The richness is vast… yet exhausting,
Bring on bedtime!… you really can’t wait.

The opportunity to have five minutes to unwind,
And refresh yourself to face the new day
Because you find a ‘new’ you is evolving
And the old ‘you’ has scuttled away.

You somehow lose a piece of your identity
When you’d expected to feel more rounded.
You pray that your worries will all disappear
And that those niggling doubts are unfounded.

Your own Mum made it look so easy,
And on the surface you’re a graceful swan
But beneath you’re crazily paddling
And wondering where the really ‘you’s’ gone.

 – Written by a service user at Harmless