Have you been following our amazing project about a celebration of womanhood?

Here is our photographer Thomas, in a rare shot of himself at a shoot with the Sheriff of Nottingham.
The project is focused upon exploring what it means to be a woman, looking at the individuality of woman hood and paying attention to the needs, vulnerabilities and strengths of women as we try to raise the profile of female suicide.
The exhibition will be held on the 8/3/20 @backlitgallery – please get in touch for tickets or book via the eventbrite link in our bio.
On the day we learn that @carolineflack has taken her own life, never has femalesuicide been a more necessary conversation.
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GP’s referring to alternative services as CAMHS can’t cope with the referrals

This story does not come as a surprise to us at Harmless.

Most of the referrals that we receive come from services (such as CAMHS and GP’s) or families that have been sent to us.

We are not paid by the NHS to provide these services, nor do we charge people for our help. That’s not what we do. But the referrals keep going up and the risk to young people keeps getting greater.

In the year that we see the rate of suicide in young people at the fastest rate – this is something that needs addressing.

Keep supporting us so that we can keep helping those that can’t access what they need.

Lives really can get better. We are here.