Being Safe Online

One of our therapists recently attended some training on how to keep safe online. They wanted to share some of information with you that they thought might be helpful.

The internet can be a magical place, but it is important that it is used safely. Everything you do online is captured forever. You wouldn’t leave your front door open to strangers, and so it is important to create a sensible password and use different password for each account.

If you wouldn’t do it face to face, you shouldn’t do it online. You wouldn’t go up to a complete stranger and start a conversation. Remember not to say things online that you wouldn’t talk about in conversations with your family.

Don’t be put under pressure to do something you don’t want to do. Ask yourself ‘Why am I doing this’? If someone cares about you they would not put you under pressure.

Would you put this information on a notice board?

Once it’s gone – it’s gone, and you can lose control of it.

Think before you send and share.

It could affect you or someone else.

If you wouldn’t want your parents to see it, then don’t post it.

Remember it you are under 18 years old. It’s illegal to take or share an indecent picture of yourself, or to look at or share someone else’s.

If you are affected by bullying please talk to someone you can trust for help and support.