Rise in self harm by poisoning

A rise in the rate of self harm by self poisoning has been reported today in the media. In the last ten years, the rates have risen from 79,000 attendances at A&E to 114,000; a rise of c.50%.

Harmless Director spoke to 5 Live and Gem fm today to discuss this issue and to raise awareness of how people can seek help.

Historically, the general public has perceived self harm by poisoning (overdosing etc) as a suicide attempt. Many people who might have self harmed in this manner would disagree; self harming can take any form and the intention is to cope with distressing experiences and feelings and not to end life.

However, self poisoning is an extremely dangerous thing to engage in and is a sign that someone is really struggling with their emotions. Make sure they are given the opportunity to talk and seek help as soon as possible.