Requests for support with self harm up 600%

Recently, requests to Harmless for email support for self harm has risen by approximately 600%. Every day people are writing to us from all over the UK asking for our advice and support and every day we are able to work with them to start tackling this problem. Unfortunately this service has no funding and relies upon volunteer time and donations to be able to operate and yet over the last two months we are seeing a dip in donations and sales. If you can help us at all, please do. Why not have a look around our shop and see if there is anything that might be helpful, or to make a donation! Thank you

More successful self harm training delivered today

Harmless delivered more successful self harm training to a group of young people mental health staff. The training combined personal and professional perspectives on self harm, allowing the professionals to develop skills and confidence for working with young people in distress. Hopefully the training has equipped them with better awareness and given them the opportunity to meet with people who have overcome their difficulties.



Self harm training for mental health professionals

Harmless today will be delivering self harm training to Derby City and Derby County mental health professionals. We hope that we say gives people a better understanding of self harm, but moreso that it enables their confidence and compassion in working with those that self harm.

NHS statistics suggest dramatic rise in self harm

Today new statistics from the NHS suggest that attendances at hospital for treatment of self harm are on the rise.

Figures from the NHS show there has been a steady rise in the number of under-25s in England admitted to hospital after hurting themselves deliberately over the last 10 years.

Just under 38,000 young people were treated in 2010, compared to 22,555 in 2001.

The Department of Health says it’s working on new training resources aimed at helping those who work with young people to deal with mental health problems.

See the article here, which also suggests that many teaching and healthcare staff still don’t know how best to support someone that is self harming, and the priority need is for increased and improved training resources.

See the articles here:


Study suggests people who self harm suffer more with physical health

It is well known that people with mental health problems are less likely to get the help that they need with physical health problems and are therefore more likely to experience poorer physical health and earlier death. Harmless have been thinking about what this means for people that self harm, and how we ensure individuals who self harm are supported with all of their medical needs. We found this recent article that talks about these very issues. Let us know if you have thoughts about this, or any other issues relating to the needs of people that self harm.