Thank you to the Star Trust!

In October 2013, Harmless were awarded £13,148 by the Star Trust;  a local organisation that raise much needed funds for charities within the East Midlands who are battling for survival and are in desperate need of help.

The money awarded  to Harmless was given to fund 50 per cent of the cost of a new full time therapist at our Organisation. Thanks to the wonderful support from the Star Trust team, we have considerably increased our capacity to offer clinical support to adults who self harm or at risk of suicide.  Although self harm affects people of all ages, it is often challenging to get funding for important services for over 25’s, so this donation was of particular significance.

Since the start of 2014, our new therapist has seen over 35 new clients and delivered over 260  counselling sessions. We have seen a tremendous turnaround in those accessing psychological support from our service. The counselling sessions have given these people a new sense of hope that life can get better. By supporting our organisation, the Star Trust they have literally helped us save lives.

A client recently said, ‘Being a man in my late 40’s, finding help for self harm was often a challenge to say the least.  When I first went to Harmless they enabled me the time and space to find myself in a non judgmental environment. I was able to discuss the emotional difficulties I was experiencing and as a result my self harm began to decrease. I am still in the service and see a therapist weekly but my life has started to turn around.’

On behalf of The Directors and the team, we would like to publically thank the Start Trust for their continued support. For more information about the amazing work they do, please click here