Harmless and The Tomorrow Project invited to become a member of The National Suicide Prevention Alliance (NSPA)

A member of Harmless and the Tomorrow Project team has been recently been in contact with The National Suicide Prevention Alliance (NSPA). We are really pleased to announce that Harmless and the Tomorrow Project have been invited to become a member and will be attending their national conference on the 19th June 2014 to apply.

The NSPA is a cross-sector, England wide coalition committed to: reducing the number of suicides in England, improving support for those bereaved or affected by suicide. Their ethos echoes that of Harmless and the Tomorrow Project; Every life lost to suicide is a tragedy and if we work together, suicide can be prevented.

We will work collaboratively to uphold the following;

  1. Deliver guidance and support materials for local authorities
    The combined knowledge and expertise of NSPA member organisations will provide materials to support action planning by local and regional suicide prevention leads, encourage sharing of good practice, and experiences of developing and carrying out successful local strategies.
  2. Identify and reduce access to harmful sites
    Establish a shared position and course of action for suicide-related websites or web areas that are harmful or illegal; produce guidance for why they are harmful and develop recommendations for what can be done to reduce access to them. This will involve working closely with industry providers and cross-government colleagues working in the area of online safety.
  3. Develop a ‘pathway’ of support for people bereaved by suicide
    Establish and support a national framework which means that people bereaved or affected by a suicide are offered options for effective, timely, proactive and wide-ranging support.
  4. Map and evaluate suicide prevention training
    Commission a detailed report identifying nationally available suicide prevention training. This report will evaluate available training programmes against set-criteria to deliver an independent and comprehensive assessment of the effectiveness of these training programmes, supporting informed choice of provider and available courses.
  5. Launch a public conference
    To bring together people involved in suicide prevention including those who; work in services, policy, research, delivery at local/regional level. To share best practice, consult on priorities and develop ideas on what the NSPA should seek to achieve in future. To raise the profile of the NSPA and encourage new members.

The NSPA will build upon the shared aims and priorities developed under the Call to Action.