The Old, the Good and the New

2017 has been a busy year for the training operating arm of Harmless. It has also been a year for great change.

I would like to start the new year by thanking all of those who we have worked with over the past year. In particular I would like to thank Nottingham City Council for the amazing partnership we had in providing the citizens of Nottingham with FREE training in line with the Mental health Crisis Care Concordat.

I would also like to thank Martyn Swaby & Naomi Watkins for their support, helping to make training sessions fuller and more accessible by providing suitable venues for us to deliver training in throughout the year.

We have also started a new partnership with Kirklees City Council delivering Mental Health First Aid courses which will continue this year.

Having worked as a Specialist Trainer, it was earlier this year that the torch was passed on and I took on the role as Training Team Leader, with our dear Sophie Allen departing to pastures new. Further to this, we also excitingly welcomed Claire fully into the Harmless family as she became our full time Specialist Trainer. As well as Claire we have also welcomed into the fold, Val, Caron, Kayleigh and Wendy all amazingly talented trainers.

However, this was not to be the only change for Let’s Talk Training. As many of you will now be aware Harmless has moved to its own building. This provided many new opportunities for us including some extra space for training sessions as well as our own office to spread into.

Some of my personal favourite moments last year included celebrating Harmless’ 10-year anniversary, getting to meet Professor Rory O’Connor at our annual conference and continuing to meet so many amazing people.

Lots of people I speak with always tell me they don’t know how I could be a Trainer because it’s scary and you have to know everything but my most favourite thing about being a Trainer isn’t the facilitating it’s getting the opportunity to meet so many hard working and inspiring individuals who want to save lives and make a difference.

In 2017, we delivered approximately 80 courses that’s over 5,000 people trained. As a result, our training reached over 30,000 individuals. To see these stats inspires hope and I know we can only continue to grow and build on these successes.

With 2018 already begun I am eager to get stuck in and see what another year brings. I shall leave you with a small taste for some of the exciting things we have install so far this year….

7th&8th February Adult Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)- Lincoln

1st March From Harm to Hope, Self harm Conference- Nottingham

20th March Level 2 Self harm and working with Self harm- Nottingham

10th & 11th April Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training – Nottingham

To book places or for more details please visit Eventbrite (search term Harmless), call us on 0115 880 0281 or email us on