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TELL ME WHO WE ARE is a short narrative drama exploring cycles of abuse, mental illness and family.

Short Synopsis – Far away from her childhood in the Midlands, THEO has made a loving family with her wife, REN and their young son, NOAH. Filled with anxiety about how abusive experiences with her mother could emerge as a cycle within her own parenting, she is propelled to return to her long-left family home, where a warm welcoming from her step-dad, confirms her sense of strangeness and alienation.

Director’s statement – The crux of this film is bringing out stories – about gay women, about disabled women, abused and abusive women – which better relay the  rich and complex lives women experience, something usually hidden in film and TV.

I see this project as such an opportunity to explore narratives and characters that can challenge people’s ideas. The rarity of seeing underrepresented identities intersect is something I have previously explored in my work, and is an issue which requires a lot of work to fix. This project is by no means going to achieve that by itself, but it will help.

Project Status – We are currently in the middle of pre-production, and plan to shoot in November/December 2019. The film will premiere in May 2020.

Concept Art
Concept Art


Some background:

What: This project is an ambitious final year film, made for our undergraduate Film Production course at the University of Central Lancashire.

Why: Beyond the expectations of our course we want to make work which not only fulfils the requirements of a grade, but which also has the goals of: filling gaps in representation, creating opportunities for others, collaborating with people in the independent film industry, stretching our own skills and experience, and achieving success in film festivals.

Big fans of the kitchen-sink genre, this script was partially inspired by the lack of representation for queer people or women within these films. Taking inspiration from female writers, such as; Clio Barnard, Lynne Ramsay, Hope Dickson Leach, Joanna Hogg and Crystal Moselle, and queer filmmakers like Andrew Haigh and Frances Lee – it hopes to explore themes and topics familiar to this genre through a lens which incorporates the experiences of characters who are, historically, not often seen in stories like this.

As our director and writer are themselves both queer women, there is a personal stake in stories featuring characters like this being told.

When: Pre-production for the film is already in progress, whilst filming will be taking place in November/December later this year.

Where: The project will be filmed on location in the Midlands. Our production team is spread across the country, but a base has formed at the home of our director in Leicestershire, where we have links to local filmmakers, cast and crew. There is also a location already lined up here.

Who: This project is a collaboration between ELK Medium and Movement Films.

ELK Medium –

A small production company which make experimental shorts, music videos, animations and award winning documentaries. Their work aims to breakdown stereotypes and create a platform for underrepresented voices.

Movement Films –

Working with businesses, bands, charities and other filmmakers, they bring life to captivating projects. Their work uses the power of storytelling to captivate and move their audience.


We are also partnered with Harmless. A charity in the Midlands who provide support, information, training and consultancy to people who self harm, their friends, families and professionals. Through this partnership we want to draw awareness to their services, as well as the themes in Tell Me Who We Are surrounding mental health and emotional distress.

To find out more about Harmless, see their website: and their Facebook:

This October they are celebrating 12 years of their life saving services with a Celebration Event. An evening which includes live music, a three course meal, games and a raffle – all to raise money to help continue their much needed services.

Why not join them? Tickets available here.

Concept Art
Concept Art


Why we need the money:

As we receive no funding from our course to make our projects happen, we need support to make this film as good as it can possibly be. The same also goes for the independent film industry, and this is an excellent opportunity for us to experience this process.

Alongside this Kickstarter we are currently trying to raise money through arts funding applications and direct appeals to businesses, as well as throwing our own money – from other film work – at this project, in order to reach our total goal of £4,500.

More specifically, this money will be used for:

Paying Actors and Crew – As part of providing people with opportunities we believe it’s important to pay them for their work.

Production Design – In order to ensure our film has as a high a production value as we can muster, we need to make and buy props/costumes/etc.

Food – Feeding our hard-working cast and crew across three shoot days.

Insurance – A necessity.

Equipment Hire – To make our film look fantastic.

Distribution – Film festivals can be expensive to submit to – especially those that are more well-known, and many smaller fees can stack up in the process of getting the film out there.


No matter how much you are able to support us, with your help we can create a voice to explore whether our past defines who we are.

Concept Art
Concept Art


Who we are:


GEORGIE CUBIN – director

Dyslexic, would write a bio but didn’t want to.

Her second outing as a director on a fiction project, having previously won awards for her documentary work as one half of ELK Medium. A final year UCLan student, her projects look at women and disability.



Actual adult.

Bernadeta works in the South West as one half of Movement Films, specialising in narrative videos.



Normally squirrelling away behind the camera or animating in a dark corner, this is Jane’s first go at writing something that isn’t a poem about Orlando Bloom for GCSE English.

Also final year UCLan student and other half of award-winning ELK Medium, her work focuses on queer experience and identity.


CIARA CESSFORD – production design

An unpronounceable name and unidentifiable accent.

Fresh off completing an MA in Literature and Culture, Ciara has worked with film production at university. Her work and degree has focused on popular literature, comedy and engaging new audiences in the arts.


RUADHAN GEE – publicity/production assistant

Will give anything a go even if she’s unqualified.

Big boss of an annual family festival. Usually found in front of the camera in Georgie’s films, this time she’s been coaxed to work on the crew.



Knows all.

Other half of Movement Films, usually the man with the camera, this time he’s the man with the lights.


Noah Harroe – cast

He’s 7, like any 7 year old he wants to be famous.

He’d like to be a rockstar and a lifeguard. Noah has two mummies and strong feminist values! (A hatred of trump) and besides playing the drums, he thinks the best thing to aspire to, is to be kind.


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Concept Art
Concept Art

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