The Harmless self harm conference #HarmtoHope – The epitome of what Harmless is about…

On 1st March 2017, Harmless was proud to host its 2nd national self harm conference #HarmtoHope which looked at effective services for people that self harm, current thinking and implications for practice.

Whilst most of the plaudits will quite rightly go to our motivational key note speakers, wonderful Chair, brilliant workshop leads and of course, our superb delegates; I wanted to take this opportunity to acknowledge the fantastic contribution that our own team made.

The conference demonstrated everything that we are about – a passionate team who work together to achieve a feat often outside our modest resources in the hope that it makes a difference to someone, somewhere. It takes a tremendous amount of effort, time and dedication to plan and host a successful conference and we are eternally grateful to everyone involved.

Today, we will continue with our normal day-to-day roles with a sense of pride that the Harmless team achieved something special.   

We look forward to doing the same next year


Darren Fox

Business and Operations Manager at Harmless


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