The Harmless team go back to school to discuss self harm

The Harmless team are in South Yorkshire today to deliver some workshops to around 80 students aged 14-15 years about self harm and well being.

As part of the day, some of our team will be returning to their former school to talk to the students  about their personal stories. Our team hope that talking about their individual journeys will  inspire the students to remain hopeful regardless of their difficulties, and put across the message that with the right help and support life can get better.

The work we do in schools is vital as rates among young people are at an all time high, with estimates of up to a third of 11-19 year olds having engaged with some self harming activity during this time.  Although we are based in Nottingham, we deliver many PSHE lessons for students aged 11+ across the country and find that they are a really successful way of developing awareness of self harm amongst young people and their per groups.

Other benefits include:

·         Reduced stigma and misconception around self harm.

·         Allaying fears and reducing the risk of bullying and ostracisation amongst peers.

·         Informs young people on how to seek help and therefore enhances early intervention opportunities.

For more information about our work in schools and colleges, please email or call 01159 348445 (admin line only).

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