THE IMPORTANCE OF CHANGE; A message from our Suicide Bereavement Support Officer

I started my role here as a Suicide Bereavement Support Officer almost a year ago. And I have seen change happen. Not the policy change we want and need. But I have seen change in people, in the stories they share with us after losing someone to suicide.

We have been sharing some of those stories with you, because we want everyone to know that it’s ok to ask for help after a bereavement by suicide. We understand the unique nature of a bereavement by suicide, and how things get very difficult very quickly – but you are not alone in this.

Now we need everyone’s help, so we can keep breaking the cycle of hopelessness and despair that can lead to people having thoughts of suicide themselves after going through this traumatic experience. We break this cycle, change does happen when we believe it can, and when we fight for it.

To paraphrase our CEO, our goal is to see the day when our service is no longer needed. But until then, we will be here, ready to listen.

So if you have been affected by suicide, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. You can email, drop a quick message on social media, or use the good old fashioned way and give us a call. Ask for me, my name is Ana and here is a picture of me chuffed I made it to the finish line last October in a suicide prevention awareness run.


Join me, help us, donate and save our service.



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