The MIND service awards open for nomination: let’s get work in the field of self harm recognised!

All in the Mind 25th Anniversary Awards are now open for nominations.

Have you faced mental health difficulties now or in the past?

Is there a person, project or group that has gone above and beyond the call of duty to offer the support or advice that made a real difference to your life? If so, this is your chance to enter them for the new All in the Mind 25th Anniversary Awards.

Harmless would hope to see a range of mental health services represented across the board and hope that self harm services and work in the field of self harm or suicide prevention, be recognised alongside other mental health services.

Get involved!

You can nominate for the awards or get more information by following this link

There are three categories:
Individual Award: An individual family member, friend, boss or colleague who offered significant support.

Professional Award: A mental health professional whose dedication, help and support made a really significant difference to you. This could be a psychologist, psychiatrist, therapist, social worker, nurse, volunteer or other professional

Project Award:A mental health project or group you took part in, which made a big difference to your recovery or the way you cope.

How to enter
To enter the award, please email us at including:

Your name
Your email address
A telephone number that we can reach you on.
The name of your nominee and the category you are nominating them for.
Then in no more than 500 words describe why you think your nominee made a significant difference to you. Please use examples, if possible, of how they showed greater than expected compassion, understanding or practical assistance.
Please note that any entries which do not include all of the requested information or which go over the word limit will result in the entry being disqualified.

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