There is a mental health crisis that can’t be solved with £1 billion worth of funding.

There seems to be too many patients and not enough money to treat all them.  The country’s mental health service is in a dire state. This Government has spent years pushing the most vulnerable to the brink with cuts to vital services.

David Cameron became the first Prime Minister in history to address mental health in a public speech, calming that he wants to foster a more open and mature approach to mental health.

To do this he will have to tackle the country’s mental health crisis that has been affected by the austerity politics.

The demand for mental health services has risen by 20 per cent over the last five years, whilst the mental health budget was cut by 8 per cent in real terms.

There has been an increase in suicides since the tougher fit to work test began. Rethink found that 21 per cent of their patients experienced suicidal ideation due to the stress of Work Capability Assessments.

An NSPCC survey found that more than a fifth of children referred to child and adolescent mental  health services (CAMHS) in England were refused treatment.

Mental health services currently receive just 13 per cent of NHS budget. Over £11 billion worth of funding would be required to bridge the gap, yet the Government are prepared to inject only £1 billion.

This recent pledge might patch up a few holes but this still leaves major problems in mental health provision.

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