A Third of Young People Self Harm

A new survey has revealed that a third of children have attempted or considered suicide before the age of 16. The survey also showed that 29% of young people turn to self harm as a release from emotional stress and 2000 young people struggling with depression have failed to get the support they need.

It is essential that individuals get the correct support to prevent these figures from rising. Harmless works to provide support to young people at their time of need, and preventatively by working with schools and families. The Tomorrow Project is a suicide prevention project that provides help to those most at risk of suicide, and was set up in response to the needs and concerns of a community and has then grown. This project enables us to offer support to those who need it the most, but funding is always tight.

The new findings bring to light the importance of the work Harmless does in helping people affected by self harm and suicide.




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