Today is self harm awareness day

Today is self harm awareness day.

For harmless this is a significant date in our annual calendar. 

Self harm awareness day is an opportunity for us to come together to promote dialogue about self harm, about stress and suffering, about psychological needs and about overcoming suicide.

Today we are holding our national conference from harm to hope for the second year running. the conference will bring people together from across the UK to talk about the issue of self harm, of suicide prevention and how we can work together to overcome what can often be very painful difficulties that people face.

I am really excited about the conference program I am really excited that we are today hosting an event attended by local dignitaries and some of the leading voices in the field of self harm who will be sharing with us their perspective, insight and their experiences.

Today is a day to celebrate. It is a day where we can start new conversations. It is a day where we can talk to our peers, to the people that we help and to our colleagues and to start a different conversation – one that hopefully and collectively will save lives

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