Tomorrow Project and Harmless attend National Suicide Prevention Alliance

On Thursday two representatives of The Tomorrow project and Harmless attended The National Suicide Prevention Alliance. We were invited to the 1st Annual Membership meeting at The Directory of Social Change in London. The day provided a great opportunity for networking, hearing about important developments within the NSPA and joint programmes of work and what this meant  for The Tomorrow project and Harmless.

The six core aims of the NSPA have been broadly retained from the shared aims as set out in the National Call to Action Declaration. The Alliance aspires to:

1 Build an active network of organisations that are committed to taking action to reduce suicide and better supporting those affected by suicide; creating a network of contacts, information and resources to facilitate collaboration between members, including coordinated action.

2 Raise awareness and build knowledge of issues around suicide; working with organisations and agencies who are involved in suicide prevention, intervention and postvention, to build an evidence base for future activity.

3 Deliver commitment and influence to suicide prevention and the National Suicide Prevention Strategy by engaging with health and wellbeing boards, Directors for Public Health and relevant stakeholders from public, private and third sector organisations, in order to drive change.

4 Mobilise action driven by shared priorities, and mobilise delivery against key actions that members believe will make a real difference to reducing suicide, and supporting people affected by suicide.

5 Share best practice by enabling stakeholders to map the actions they are currently carrying out to reduce suicide or support those affected by suicide, and share information and examples of good practice.

6 Improve support by improving accessibility and quality of relevant information, as well as sources of support for people at risk of death by suicide, those worried about a loved one and for those bereaved by suicide; making sure where possible, that families, carers and friends can play a full role in improving the accessibility and quality of information, and support for those at risk of suicide and those bereaved by suicide.

Further information can be found in the The National Suicide Prevention Alliance Annual Review 2012-2013;

We also had the opportunity to speak with  Professor Louis Appleby, Chair of the Governments Advisory Group for the National Suicide  Prevention Strategy for England, about how The Tomorrow project and Harmless are working within the Midlands. This was met with great enthusiasm and has prompted the ability for further collaboration.

The Tomorrow Project and Harmless will look to maintain links with NSPA by working collaboratively and continuing to support the prevention of suicide both locally and throughout Nationally.

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