Trying my hand at something different…

As well as delivering training nationally I also get to try my hand at many other projects within Harmless and a couple of weeks ago I got to do just that.

Caroline Harroe, our CEO, and I worked with Nottingham University to help create some short clips which are going to be used to disseminate research findings on Young people and Self harm. To help us create these innovative pieces we had fantastic support from a local organisation the NBV Media Studios, recommend to anyone looking for support in creating small media pieces for their company.

I exchanged my projector and laptop for green screens, cameras and editing software and I must say the day was fun and inspirational! To have the ability to capture these young people’s feelings and experiences on camera was truly humbling.

We see so much in the news about Young People and what should be done for them, however, how often do we ask young people directly what they want, or how they see things? In a single day it became crystal clear that we spend much of time worrying, fearing the worst, predicting the outcomes and yet, if we stopped and listened we would be all the more wiser for it. Over protection does not lead to prevention, empowerment and collaboration do!

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