Unsung heroes

Many people tell us the wonderful work that our clinical support and therapy teams do on the ground for people in distress.

We are absolutely dedicated to providing this work and to ensuring that all people with whom we have contact have a positive and life changing impact.

However, to do this work and to do it well there are many pieces of a puzzle that fit together to ensure that the needs of the vulnerable are met. The team that work around the clock to support the organisational structure and its work are the unsung heroes of Harmless.

So many hours of their own time from the senior management team, the office team and the clinical team are given to ensure that somebody is kept safe.

Or to make sure that the building that we operate from is nice and clean.

Or to engage in fundraising activities just to bring an extra few pounds through the door.

These are often invisible parts of the Harmless team but the amazing work that we do would not continue to be offered without their tireless offer and so for me, as CEO, it is vital that I publicly thank them for their continued work to upholding the values and principles and critical offer to our clients that they do.

Without you life wouldn’t be saved.

You are Lifesavers and you are the unsung heroes of our work, thank you 

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