Upcoming self harm and young people training

Harmless’ next Self Harm and Young People training day is on Friday 16th January 2015

What this training day provides?

This training concentrates on self harm from the perspective of young people. Harmless are a specialist service and leading organisation in the field of self harm and have years of experience of working with those aged under 18 years old. This training day gives delegates from a broad range of professional arenas an opportunity to get a detailed overview from the experts about self harm and working with young people who self harm.

This training would be suitable for anyone who works with young people or who may come in to contract with young people who self harm or at risk of self harm.

It will aim to enhance understanding and skills to be able to make a positive difference to the life of someone who is self harming, and looks to ensure that we feel more comfortable and confident about working with people who self harm.

Learning Outcomes

  • What self harm is, and who it effects
  • What causes young people to self harm and some of the myths around self harm
  • What can be done to support and help young people who self harm
  • Managing the impact of self harm as an individual and a workplace
  • Useful interventions for working with young people who self harm and promoting empowerment
  • Managing and assessing risk

For more information and to book a place, click here or email training@harmless.org.uk

Why is training so important?

Self harm can be an extremely complex and painful issue to face, for the individuals who self harm, and for those that they go to for help and support. As professionals, the interaction that you have with someone that self harms has the capacity to help or hinder that person’s recovery.  Professional training, development and support are essential to ensure that we have the appropriate knowledge, understanding and skills to be able to make a positive difference to the life of someone is self harming, and to ensure that we feel comfortable and confident in our roles.

Harmless’ training will encourage you to explore your awareness of self harm, and develop an understanding of the key issues faced by people who self harm, and by the issues that this raises for the services that these individuals come into contact with. We will explore the impact that we, as service providers, can potentially have upon the health, recovery and well-being of those that self harm, and explore skills and interventions that can be used with people that self harm.

Our aim is to help develop the knowledge, skills and awareness of staff to feel confident and competent in responding to individuals who harm themselves.

We deliver a range of workshop and training packages throughout the UK so that you can be sure you are accessing the appropriate level of support for yourself and your staff team.

All training is provided by an experienced trainer and in line with NICE Guidance (2004) combine research led, evidence based knowledge with service user informed insight to enhance the learning experience.

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