Wanna hear something awesome about our conference?

We are being joined by our International colleague Katrina Jaworski from the University if Southern Australia at our forthcoming women’s conference in Female Suicide.

Joining us to talk about the use of language and invalidation she will be teaming up with our CEO Caroline Harroe to run an exciting workshop on these themes.

Katrina says:

I’m a social philosopher. My research moves between cultural studies, continental philosophy, gender studies and sociology. I’m deeply passionate about researching the agency of suicide, with a focus on the body, gender, sexuality and/or ethics. My research extends to the philosophy of death and dying bodies, as well as Rwandan genocide, violent extremism, older men and urban private sheds, cultural politics of thinking, women in higher education, and pop-up economies. When not in my current position as an Associate Head of School: Research, I am a Senior Lecturer in Cultural Studies. I love teaching cultural studies because I see the discipline as applied philosophy.

This is a unique opportunity to join these renowned speakers in a feminist focused discussion about language and its meaning for women in the mental health system.

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Read more of Katrina’s work here

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