We get to work with some beautiful humans… are you one of them?

Harmless is a service that’s just a little bit different.

We do awesome work. We’re not perfect. But we work super hard to meet the needs of our clients with thriving compassion and it’s a privilege.

Our work is not possible without the support of our stakeholders, our courageous clients, our compassionate staff and also the support of those who champion our work.

It’s time that we tell you about our champions now, too – the very special people that support us, give us courage, remind us we are doing ok and help us raise the profile and funds for our work.

Here’s someone for you to meet.

Pam is our friend and colleague. She always leaves us with a smile, makes us feel like we are a little bit special, always hopeful, and she always shares our work.

These things are more valuable than we can find words for.

Pam, you are our champion and we love you.

Please read more about her work and career here

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