What do we do when things go wrong?

Harmless is an enterprising solution to overcoming mental health distress and suicide, but it’s not always an easy thing to do.

The work that we do is hard. We are often faced with intense human suffering, difficult situations, high workloads and frustrating situations. We see trauma, wrangle with stigma and discrimination and find innovative solutions to drive change.

We also see triumph and joy and recovery.

We try to find a model that works for everyone: our wonderful team and our clients and our funders and commissioners.

Often we are caught between many things; between the wishes of our clients, the limitation of our resources, the priorities of our commissioners (which incidentally, is often not the same as that of our clients) and the aspirations for the future.

We work so tremendously hard to overcome these often irreconcilable issues. We are often revisiting our model, revisiting our clients and their needs and realigning our values and our vision to feasible goals.

And we don’t always get it right.

Saving lives is our goal. I don’t know how we do that perfectly, or how we do it without constantly refining how we do things.

We are not scared to try new things and we are not scared to say when it isn’t working, because our work isn’t about saving face but it is about preventing suicide and being effective and it is about reducing distress. It is about looking after our clients and team alike in order that we achieve our aims.

So keep talking to us and telling us what you need, and what you think we should be and how you think we should do things.

And if we get it wrong, we will change. And if you need more from us, we will try to provide it.

Help us to save lives.

If you would like more information on the services we provide and the support we can offer, please contact us by emailing info@harmless.org.uk.

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