Why it pays to keep developing yourself

“I am learning all the time. The tombstone will be my diploma.”- Eartha Kitt

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) supports both academic and practical qualifications or skill sets to ensure they do not become obsolete. CPD also guarantees learning to become proactive rather than reactive.

Within the training department at Harmless, our ethos is to work in partnership with services and organisations to equip everyone with the skill and confidence to be able respond and support someone in distress effectively. We know that those in distress mainly disclose or open to up to those with no specific training. This means we ALL need to be understand and be prepared. Not only so we can support one another but also so we can feel more comfortable in our skills and strengths.

Many people tell me that they, “Don’t know how I do it, that they could never do the things I do.” Whilst this is, of course, very flattering I would like to point out it is not entirely true. I do not posses some magical ability to be able to help someone. In fact, we all help.

I’d like you to think back to a day when you picked up on someone acting a little different; a family member, friend or a work colleague. Maybe they were quieter than normal, or maybe they were, out of the blue, angry with you.  Perhaps you stopped to ask how they were, you made them a cup of coffee or you held off adding to their workload. It might not feel like it but these small interactions can make a big difference to someone’s day. You might have been the first person to acknowledge how they felt that day, the first person to let them know it’s ok to take a break or the first person to support them when they felt overwhelmed.

You will most likely have done these things without even really thinking about them. You learnt to do them because you understand what it’s like to have a bad day. CPD therefore, enables us to develop our understanding further and to build on those strengths we already have. It gives us perspective, context and confidence.

So remember that in order to be effective, CPD is not a ‘one off’ activity, it is part of an on going process.

If you would like to discuss your training needs with a member of our training team, you can contact us on 0115 934 8445 or send an email to training@harmless.org.uk.

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