Workplace wellbeing; look after your staff and they will look after you (&you help us save lives at the same time -1 min read)

Harmless is a service that takes care of the most vulnerable in society.

Of all ages, we help people that are at risk of Suicide and are facing deep psychological distress.

Who are these individuals?

They are our mothers and sons and friends and colleagues. They are our world.

How do we do help?

This bit isn’t rocket science. This is about saying we will be there and then being there. This is a cup of tea on a cold day. It is a compassionate conversation when someone is rock bottom. It is finding the hope in a hopeless situation.

How do we keep the service running?

We raise our own finance by the provision of consultancy and training services to businesses and organisations UK wide.

We help YOU by delivering workplace mental health, wellness, workplace culture and managerial training. We help YOU to drive performance in your service by enabling you to look after your staff?

How does this save lives?

Firstly, looked after staff are safer: so firstly, we help you to help your staff. But then, the magic is simply in that in selling training to you, we raise finance to provide frontline services.

A simple model.

You get what you need. We get what we need.

And with that we keep saving lives.

Win, win, really? Now who wants to be a life saver….?!!!!

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